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The CUBIKA collection is structured on the basis of fractality and geometry.
the union of forms that generate pattern games without distinguishing limits.

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Build concrete floors with recycled glass in unique styles.

The cubika collection is made up of Apis and Mobius references, these two styles allow you to create floors with more than 20 different configurations..

Apis Reference

Cubika Collection

APIS reference is base on the cell structure of a honeycomb which forms individual pieces but that gives design freedom in their grid to generate various patterns.

Apis 100
Apis 101
Apis 102
Apis 103
Apis 105
Apis 106
Apis 107
Apis 108
Apis 109
Apis 110
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Mobius 200
Mobius 201
Mobius 202
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Mobius 205
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Mobius Reference

Cubika Collection

The mobius band gives its name to the reference both for its design and its composition. Being a non-adjustable shape and with a single edge, it resembles the diversity of possible designs with the system and curiously, the international logo of the recycling triangle is shaped like a mobius band, which represents the composition of the material with recycled glass.

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