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Waves Collection

Create different types of waves playing with the spaces for the passage of light and the wind.


Vectors Collection

Pieces with different angles, ideal for generating interesting visual effects and shadows.


Solids Collection

Ideal to illuminate spaces with small and continuous rays of light

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LUMAA offers precast pieces in architectural concrete for facades or lattice-type interior walls, also called “openwork walls”.

We use modular pieces, which allows you to place them in different positions within the wall, to generate different configurations with variations of light and shadow on the facades.

The two main functions of LUMAA precast are:

  • Design: Generates a great visual impact due to its variety of shapes. From three main pieces, you can create multiple combinations of walls with different angles and transparencies, making the product customizable depending on your needs.It is also offered in three colors: White, gray and ocher


  • Functional: The design of each piece includes the spaces for the vertical reinforcements (voussoirs), thus generating a self-supporting façade wall that does not need lateral columns for its confinement. With this you can achieve longer and higher walls.
    LUMAA precasts are very strong parts (in precast concrete of + 4000 psi (+ 28 Mpa) tested in a certified laboratory), easy to install and require little maintenance.


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6 reasons to choose prefabricated LUMAA

Modular pieces

We offer you a standardized product. Each piece is designed to be placed in different positions within the wall. With this you can generate different variations of light and shadow on the facades.

Functional design

Build self-supporting facade walls that do not need lateral columns for confinement, the design of each piece includes space for vertical reinforcements.

It requires little maintenance

The fact that it is in architectural concrete makes it very resistant to the passage of time.

Quick installation

Thanks to its modularity and functional design, it allows you to speed up the construction of the walls to shorten delivery times.

Various colors

We offer you 3 color options to combine your walls: Ivory white, Graphite gray, Brown ocher.

Stable walls

The pieces are placed locked as in traditional masonry, which have columns every 50 cm that allow the erection of higher and more extensive walls.

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