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Create different types of openwork walls with wave design, controlling the passage of wind and natural light.

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Build openwork walls with the best wave style

The wave collection is made up of the Gamma and Delta references, these two styles allow you to create walls with more than 20 different configurations.

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Gamma Reference

Waves Collection

Learn about the different wall designs that you can create with the Gamma reference. You can build them with a minimum of 2 pieces and a maximum of 5.

The designs are achieved by rotating the pieces in different axes, this will allow you to have available a great variety of configurations with the same pieces purchased.

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Delta Reference

Waves Collection

The LUMAA prefabricated pieces and the Delta collection are thought to be a modular and functional design. If you need to create different walls, you will always use the same number of pieces if they retain their length and height.

This system allows you to create corners at different angles to provide greater stability to the wall. In addition, being made of architectural concrete makes it resistant to the passage of time.

6 reasons to choose prefabricated LUMAA

Modular pieces

We offer you a standardized product. Each piece is designed to be placed in different positions within the wall. With this you can generate different variations of light and shadow on the facades.

Functional design

Build self-supporting facade walls that do not need lateral columns for confinement, the design of each piece includes space for vertical reinforcements.

It requires little maintenance

The fact that it is in architectural concrete makes it very resistant to the passage of time.

Quick installation

Thanks to its modularity and functional design, it allows you to speed up the construction of the walls to shorten delivery times.

Various colors

We offer you 3 color options to combine your walls: Ivory white, Graphite gray, Brown ocher.

Stable walls

The pieces are placed locked as in traditional masonry, which have columns every 50 cm that allow the erection of higher and more extensive walls.

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